I invite you to join me in my vision

Starting January 1, 2022, I’m launching a campaign to photograph 40 women over the age of 40 (no limitation on which decade beyond). Later this month, I’ll release how to apply to be one of these women. We will join forces with hands held together to walk forward in truth and to be visible!

boudoir before photo

What inspired me to take 40 women’s portraits

Flipping through the channels on tv, there was an ad for an anti-aging product, a serum that touted it would help you keep your youthful glow.

Low and behold as I was standing in line at the grocery store I saw a magazine with the same model on the cover and discovered that the person representing the anti-aging was 14 years old. In my heart of hearts I would say that I’m not an angry person but I felt disappointed and confused. They were telling me that by buying their product, as a woman of 48, I could look 14 years old.

The message it gave me is that they couldn’t find a single woman in my age range that they found beautiful enough to represent the product they wanted to sell. I am here to tell you that we do not need to be 14 to beautiful—we are beautiful!

Women over 40, it’s time to be represented!

As I was inspired by the beauty in the women over 40 that I meet, I recognized that I wanted to celebrate women in my age range by launching a 40/40 campaign to photograph the natural beauty that has been earned through our lives.

Recently at a conference, I met Felicia Reed, someone I’ve followed for a while. With our match-up of ADHD enthusiasm, we naturally hit it off. As a pioneer in championing women of a certain age, I asked her to mentor me on how to fulfill my dream of recognition for who women have become.

Just finding 40 women over the age of 40 and photographing them isn’t enough. I had to search my own heart to figure out why this is so important to me. I realized that during those years of education, career building and family raising that my life was rich and full but I didn’t realize the strength of character that was being built through what some people might consider, an ordinary life.

In retrospect, I look back on the women who have taken the journey I have, and see what strength and courage really looks like. Let me tell you it is beautiful! You are beautiful! You are not at the end of the journey, but you have been in preparation for what is to come. You are not just “enough” you are MORE than enough.

boudoir before photo

You are more attractive than you’ve ever been!

Once I had this idea in my sights, I started to notice that women in my age group are not represented in the media… like ever…. Well actually sometimes we show up but only in a Viagra commercial, or one for medical alert systems, or vitamins that help you stay active. The subconscious message is that we should not be seen. We are past our prime. I wholeheartedly challenge this. This is a hill I’m climbing and willing to die on, fighting to be represented.

For any of you in the decades past 40—50, 60, 70, 80, 90—do not believe the lies told! That your wisdom and experience have made you unattractive. Just the opposite! You are more attractive than you’ve ever been! It’s time we throw away the standardization of what constitutes beauty.

Join the movement!

I’m inviting 40 women over 40 to be part of this movement. Participation includes a personal portrait session complete with hair and makeup, a fun gallery viewing party and much more! Check out all that is included in the package and sign up with the link below. Act fast, spaces will fill up!