Trust means many things to different people

For me it’s a guiding light of the person I want to be everyday. Trust happens to be the “home word” I’ve chosen for my business – it’s what I benchmark every single business decision against – Is this trustworthy? My tagline is “I believe that when trust is present, magic happens” and that is quite literally how I do EVERYTHING with every single client. I believe trust is earned and not to be expected without genuine sincerity.

Who I am personally drives who I am as a professional photographer

As with many people thru covid 19 I have had the opportunity to use what may have been empty hours with defining who I am and what my purpose personally and professionally is. Although I love beautiful things, a meaningful photograph is more than just a pretty picture to me. The steps leading up to the click of the camera are nearly as important as the finished product.

Every client I choose to have before my lens, is unique, and deserving of an individual experience not a cookie cutter one! Although I love cookies, I never want you to feel like I’m just going through the motions. I want you to feel significant and seen in the way you want to be seen.

So I chose to spend my time in quarantine and shut down to really boil down how I could deliver that for you my clients. I started thinking about what trust means to you. How can I take you on a journey to feel celebrated and like the most important person in the time we spend together?

It occurred to me recently that since my top priority is that my clients trust me, you would need to know more about me!

Here are the Top Ten Truths about Angie and Harmony Photography:

1. One of my basic core values is to be consistent in everything I do

If I promise quality, everything else is set aside to make the best experience happen.

2. I’m Powered by Coffee…

Living in the Seattle area, in a coffee culture… it’s beyond a stereotype to me – coffee genuinely is my driving motivator. Some people choose money or shoes – I say COFFEE! (ie: look at the footer on this page to see what I’m powered by 😉

3. I’m a serial student

When I choose to learn something, my curiosity drives me day and night. I consume education almost as much as I do coffee. Some photographers want to know what gear to use, I want to learn how to make YOU look and feel incredible. Education is a huge pillar of who I am.

4. I’m a true 12th woman

My hair is literally blue and green in honor of my Seahawks! This is not a passing thing thru football season – I’ve had it year round for 4 years. Because of this I won’t know if my hair turns gray! I give a different meaning to blue haired grandma!

5. I’m serious about value

My prices are more than some and less than some, but I make sure I’m worth every penny you spend. Because I’m a serial student, I have really honed my craft. In our industry, there is a term called “shoot and burn photographers”. This refers to someone who just shows up, takes a few pics and burns a cd. What that route lacks is the experience I offer. I used to fall in this category, but have evolved to someone that takes you on a whole journey of self worth and empowerment! You are used to seeing yourself in a mirror and may not even realize the evolution of your beauty. My lens reflects to you what I see.

6. I have the cutest grandkids

I will fight to the death that I have the CUTEST grandkids! Only because it’s true 😉 Scout and Isaiah are tiny gentle creations brimming with possibility. And they are SO FREAKING CUTE! (See pics below for indisputable proof).

7. Trust means everything

Trust to me, in my studio means this – I won’t share your images without your permission (even with your permission, I won’t show anything too revealing) – I won’t try to upsell you – I won’t bait and switch you – I won’t ignore your requests. Not just the images, but the spoken words are always confidential. I’m not going to try to sell you anything, instead I think my job is to take pictures you want to buy.

A Black women with short curly hair lays on belly on bed with fuchsia high heels for Tacoma Boudoir photo shoot
A Black women with short curly hair lays on belly on bed with fuchsia high heels for Tacoma Boudoir photo shoot

8. I see the world in pictures

Travel has given me the opportunity to align my perception of the world with reality! I love to see how real people live in all corners of the world. To understand the beauty of an 80 year old woman making a meal for their family – to the tiny child playing with a balloon in the park! My husband and I have traveled to Iceland, Germany, France, Scotland, England, Bahamas, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Canada, Switzerland and that’s just internationally! The pandemic forced us to defer some of our travels, but in the next year we are slated to visit Croatia, Greece, Italy and possibly Spain! I also have 2 photo gigs coming up – a wedding in Scotland and a vow renewal in Mexico. I am humbled by the opportunities that I’ve been given. And most importantly, grateful to my husband who shares my wanderlust and whisks me away as often as possible! We live a modest life so we can prioritize these adventures with each other! We never want to look back with regret for what we haven’t seen – but to say YES when we can!

9. I think you’re beautiful exactly the way you are

As much as people want to be “photoshopped” I am incredibly careful with this tool. While it’s possible for us to edit a photo into a Kardashian or a unicorn – I think that sends the wrong message. I think it says “you’re almost beautiful, just let me fix you real quick”. Instead, I am very light handed on editing right out of the gate. Doing basic color correction, cropping and skin cleanup. Who the heck am I to decide what someone “should” look like? That being said, when you come in for your viewing and ordering session, once you’ve chosen your keepers we will discuss if you want any further edits on your images.

A Black women with short curly hair lays on belly on bed with fuchsia high heels for Tacoma Boudoir photo shoot
A Black women with short curly hair lays on belly on bed with fuchsia high heels for Tacoma Boudoir photo shoot

10. Family is everything

So I talked about my grandkids but I am also incredibly proud of my kids – my son Kyle has been the light of my life since the day he was born. I was his single mom for many years. His gentle caring nature gave me a reason to move upward every day. When I finally met Jeff, my soulmate and lobster (insert Friends reference here), the man who proposed to me in Paris, I not only gained a kind and loving partner, but two daughters Ana and Mikayla. I’ve grown as a mother in understanding the needs and delights that daughters bring. I feel so deeply fulfilled as a mom and a wife. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better family.

So I’ve turned the lens on myself

I’ve hopefully given YOU the picture of who you’re hiring – this stable, quirky, fun and capable artist is who I really am at my core.

Let the magic created by trust happen for you!

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