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Newborn baby photo shoots

I help you capture this precious time

Having a newborn is special. Your days are filled with sweet yawns, happy smiles, and moments of awe. But, the time you have with your newborn is short. Before you know it, you will be wiping peanut butter from your curtains and chasing monsters out from under your toddler’s bed. So, how do you capture that special couple of weeks when life is just beginning? With a NEWBORN PHOTO SESSION, of course.

Baby needs to be between 6-14 days old during the session. Otherwise, it’s considered “Infant Photography” which is different. If you are interested in infant photography I would be happy to refer you to someone who specializes in that. All of my newborn photography studies have been in early newborns and how to safely get those photos for you. After about 3.5 weeks of age, those tricks and tips no longer work as the baby is less bendy and sleepy.

I used to wonder how photographers get babies to sleep for newborn sessions. It all felt like a big mystery to me. The more I do it, the more I get that it’s actually kind of simple. It’s not always easy, but preparation is key. Every baby is different, but in general, I find that my bag of tricks works on all newborns.

Above all else, I want you to go into the session knowing that I am flexible. Those first couple of weeks with a baby is a very tender time, emotionally and physically. I’ll be as efficient as possible to respect your timeframe, but know that we’ll go at your pace to ensure that you and your newborn are as comfortable as possible.

Let’s talk about your baby photos

Newborn baby in wooden bowl wrapped in orange blanket

Newborn Photography Safety

One of the most common questions I get asked as a newborn photographer is how I make all the images look so perfect. These are squirmy, fussy (absolutely adorable) infants that we’re photographing, after all, and the goal is to create a serene, sometimes almost other-worldly, scene.

The truth is that we work a lot of magic during and after the shoot, primarily with a little trick referred to as composite imagery. In short, we combine multiple photos into one—in post-processing—in order to create the finished result. Sometimes it’s a matter of capturing a better expression in one image and then combining it with another photo where the positioning is better. In other cases, we’re combining a backdrop scene with the image of your baby. This is done both for aesthetic effect, and also to ensure your child’s safety. For example, sometimes it looks like a newborn is hanging out on a motorcycle or nestled in a swing. These would be dangerous poses to actually attempt, so we rely on composite.

Speaking of newborn safety, it’s our absolute number one priority in any newborn photo session and we won’t do anything the parent isn’t comfortable with. On that note, when hiring a newborn photographer, it’s imperative that your preferred photographer is trained not just in how to wield a camera, but in how to ensure your baby is kept happy, comfortable, and safe throughout the session. The means relying on natural light or soft flashes when photographing a baby, posing babies in a way that’s safe and comfortable while also beautiful, and utilizing post-processing techniques—such as composite imagery, eliminating jaundice, and even smoothing out things like scratches and blotchy skin that are very common with newborns. The bottom line is that there are things that a seasoned newborn photographer will know how to do well that novice shooters simply don’t know about. You’ll often find that newborn images are more expensive than other types, but that cost is a reflection of this key knowledge and attention to detail. If you ask us, it’s worth hiring a seasoned pro for newborn photography 100% of the time.

What actually happens during a newborn photo session

Upon booking, we will send you a Newborn Client Guide that walks you in detail through how to prepare. Here are a few things to expect:

  • The heat is turned up
  • We highly encourage pics with parents
  • We take care of all of the poses
  • We may ask mom and/or dad to help spot baby
  • We have tricks to help calm baby down
  • Sibling photos are done first or last
  • We have props/wraps/blankets
  • We will guide you on what to bring

How a newborn photo session works


We’ll meet through Zoom or in-person and come up with a plan! Newborn sessions are personal and customized to you. I promise to answer all of your questions. This is our chance to get to know each other and I can learn how you want to be photographed! You will also receive our Client Guide and tips so you know exactly what you need to do to prepare.


When you book your session time we will also discuss what to bring and what to expect. Then you’ll come to my studio and we will handle the rest!.

The Shoot

Most newborn sessions last around 2 hours. It can take time for your baby to fall deep asleep and sometimes it can take over an hour before we get a single photo. That is completely normal! Don’t worry, we plan extra time in case your little one is more curious than sleepy. I will guide you every step of the way so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Choose your images

Within two weeks, your beautiful photos will be ready for you to view! You’ll come back into the studio for a viewing/ordering session where we will go through all of your images and you can pick your faves! Once you have them narrowed down, we go over any additional edits you’d like and how you want your images.

Angie made sure I booked my baby girl’s newborn photos in the perfect time frame recommend for newborn photos to be taken. She wanted her to be pretty tired and sleepy for the photos. My daughter fell asleep on the car ride over and then woke up right when we got there of course, lol. Angie knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to newborns and was able to get my daughter relaxed and sleepy to get the most perfect photos taken. I have the most precious photos of my daughter to keep forever.

Stephanie Drew

Angie did my newborn photos and she was AMAZING! I was so impressed with how calm and happy my baby was with her after just meeting her, and with how skilled Angie was at getting her to peacefully fall asleep and stay asleep for the session (I actually still use some of her tricks now when she has trouble falling asleep! Haha). I LOVE how the photos turned out, and I’m so glad to have such sweet pictures of my little girl that I can cherish forever.
Bethany Frerichs

Angie took our son’s newborn photos and she was so patient in between feeding and caring. She understood what poses were safe for babies. If you need a newborn photographer I highly recommend her. She’ll give you photos of your baby that will melt your heart every time you look at them.
A'Dailya Bontemps

What do newborn photos cost?

Our session fee is $395 and that includes a planning session, professional hair and makeup in-studio, a fully directed photo session, hand editing of images, and a viewing/ordering session.

Our wall art starts at $295 and packages start at $1800. Some clients spend $400, some spend $4000. What you spend is entirely up to you, and you don’t have to make that decision until you see your portraits. We cover the full price list during consultations.

I’m here to answer all of your questions

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