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Quality family photos

Make it easy to remember the important people in your life

In this digital age, it’s easy to think “oh, I have plenty of photos of my kids/family!” Our phones and our social media are full of them, right?

But when was the last time you printed one? Or hung one on the wall?

Do you have really good quality photos that your kids can look back on and remember all of the important people in their lives?

Kids grow and change. Have you captured how they look right now?

Family portraits can be traditional or fun. They can involve your immediate family or your extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I can come out and shoot your family in your favorite place or activity or attend a reunion, anniversary, or special event.

Let’s get creative to capture the true essence of your family. Photos that you and your kids will display and look back on for years to come!

Let’s plan something fun for your family!

Kids feel special in photos

A little story about my family

A couple years ago I did a fairy photoshoot of my niece – it was for a magazine cover and we got her all dolled up and had the best time! They were some of my favorite pictures of her!

Thanksgiving of that year my nephew, Benjamin, who was 5 at the time, saw the pictures of his sister on my wall and asked why he wasn’t on the wall with her. “Don’t you love me, Auntie? How come I’m not in a picture?” My heart crumbled… I had a realization… This is the message he received!

I, of course, immediately planned a session with him. He was very into Superman at the time, so I created a comic strip panel of him dressed in a suit, then slowly, in a phone booth, turning into Superman – finally a shot of him flying over Manhattan (obviously Photoshopped).

My point is, this is something that is important! It is important for all of us to be present, not only in images, but in prints! It doesn’t have to be a superhero or a fairy, our family will look at our walls, and when they see themselves showcased, they know they are loved.

I hear many mamas say they just want photos of their kiddos, they want to be excluded because they don’t feel their best. I urge you to think about how fondly your family will look at you in these photos. It is important for us all to be there.

Let me capture your kids exactly as they are right now!

How your family or child’s photo session will go


We’ll meet through Zoom or in-person and come up with a plan! I promise to answer all of your questions. This is our chance to get to know each other and I can learn how you want to be photographed! You will also receive our Family Portrait Client Guide as well so you know exactly what you need to do to prepare.


When you book your session time we will also discuss what to bring and where you want photos done. Then you’ll come to my studio with a few outfits that you’ve chosen.

The Shoot

Then we’ll spend around an hour together shooting you with different backgrounds and prompts to create the look you want. I will guide you every step of the way so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Choose your images

Within two weeks, your beautiful photos will be ready for you to view! You’ll come back into the studio for a viewing/ordering session where we will go through all of your images and you can pick your faves! Once you have them narrowed down, we go over any additional edits you’d like and how you want your images.

Angie is phenomenal photographer and really captured my family. I am planning on turning some of her work into a giant portrait for my office. She is a great person and a wonderful resource for anyone, I plan on having her for any future event.
William Overstreet

I’ve used Angie for a maternity photo shoot, newborn photos, and family pictures! She is so easy to work with and makes everyone feel relaxed. She gets the best shots of everyone because she helps us feel at home and look like ourselves! Highly recommend!
Kelly Quicho

Angie was a blast to work with. My family and I had so much fun being in the spot light. I was incredibly pleased when I went to look at the batch of photos, I wanted them all! Angie has a magic eye and an itchy shutter finger that makes fireworks on film.
Lacy Rodriguez

What do family portraits cost?

Our session fee is $395 and that includes a planning session, professional hair and makeup in-studio, a fully directed photo session, hand editing of images, and a viewing/ordering session.

Our wall art starts at $295 and packages start at $1800. Some clients spend $400, some spend $4000. What you spend is entirely up to you, and you don’t have to make that decision until you see your portraits. We cover the full price list during consultations.

Let’s talk about your needs and budget

Let’s get started!