Brand Photography

Professional photos for your business

5 reasons to have a personal branding session

  • Professional, quality photos
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Creates memorable first impressions
  • Skyrockets your marketing materials game
  • Self-investments build business momentum

I capture photos and video of your products, services, and people

Professional business photos make a difference

Personal brands center around you as an individual and your specific vibe. How each person expresses their brand is unique, from color schemes to vocal tones. Personal brand photography sets out to capture these perfectly.

Personal brand photography can happen anywhere related to a brand, from restaurants to homes. We’ll discuss the best backdrops for your specific brand during your consultation, along with the best props to bring along.

The value you get from a personal brand photography session is not entirely quantifiable. You can use them in everything from social media to brochures, and you’ll know they represent the values, ideals, and vibe you want all the time. That kind of peace of mind is hard to come by.

At Harmony Photography we offer quality business branding photography and video for a variety of different industries. Create a professional image on your website, marketing materials, and social media.

  • Headshots
  • Group/team photos
  • Equipment used in your industry
  • Basic products (ask for quote for full product line photography)
  • Staff/people in their work environment
  • Facilities and buildings
  • Food photographs for restaurants
  • Events and speaking engagements
  • Endless possibilities, depending on your industry

Let’s put your best foot forward!

How branding photography works


I suggest planning your session 1 to 1.5 months before you plan on using the images in your content calendar, social media, blog, and email marketing, etc.

During the consultation we can go over what your needs are so you can choose the package that best fits your needs

We have hair and makeup consultants that can be hired to help with branding photos of people. Let me know in our consultation if you need them.

The Shoot

We will have your photo shoot at your location or in our studio – you will be coached ahead of time on how you need to prep for it, so on the day of the photoshoot, you can leave it to us!

Choose your images

Your photos and video will be ready between 2-3 weeks depending on the season. I’ll select and edit a selection of photos/videos and send you a secure online location where you can view them. You will receive a specific number included in the price of your package but can always purchase more.


I suggest a branding content refresh about once every 6 months minimum, depending on the amount of content your business needs (ex. bloggers usually need more and different content, more often). I created my Refresh branding package with this in mind after assessing my own need that way businesses can keep their feed looking fresh and updated!

Angie did my Business Branding Photos and they turned out just stunning! My daughter is the reason I started my business and it is geared towards other moms with businesses and Angie was so awesome to include her in the photo shoot. We have amazing photos for my business and a few cute ones of our daughter too! I loved her studio and her eye for capturing the moment! I highly recommend her for any project you have!
Amanda Tento

Angie had us smiling from ear to ear and looking incredibly professional during our photoshoot. We highly recommend her “Branding Package” as well which gives our customers a look at how we do business. We also use these photos as eye-capturing images for social media posts. All around amazing job and final product, Angie! Thank you so much!
Digital Advantage

One of my favorite days from the past year was working with Angie to create photos for my personal chef business. She had just completed a food photography course and the results were stunning! Being in front of the camera is not my favorite place but she made me feel right at home and we had a blast – both nerding out in our respective crafts. I highly recommend her as she beautifully captures the essence of your personal and professional lives (and makes it an incredible experience too).
Rebecca Wolfe

What do business photography services cost?

Business branding session fee is $395 – this includes hair and makeup styling for one person with up to 5 different outfits.

Photo Collections Options (prices do not include WA state sales tax):

Package 1 – (20) Twenty photos of your choice – High resolution digitals. Black and white digital copies of your (20) photos.  – $3000

Package 2 – (10) Ten photos of your choice – High resolution digitals – $1700

Package 3 – (5) Five photos of your choice – High resolution digitals – $1000

$150 addon for extra hair and makeup per person.

  • Add 2 minute marketing video for $899
  • Additional Video Work or Online Course Production – call for a quote

Let’s talk about your needs and budget

Let’s get started!