Hi there! I’m Angie Whitten

of Harmony Photography

Me shooting a wedding in 2020

Makeup artist, Rebecca, enhances your beauty

About Angie

Photographer, artist, people-person

Here’s the short and sweet of it – I’m short and sweet (LOL, and have a never-ending sense of humor). I’m a people person, an extrovert, and family gal with an amazing husband, 3 grown kids and two ADORABLE grandsons, Scout and Isaiah. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have that I’m able to do what I LOVE for a living, giving me time to spend with family and friends. The most important thing to me is trust in relationships – I believe that when trust is present, magic happens!

I’m a true professional photographer

As for my photography, I’m a serial student and CONSTANTLY work to hone my craft. As a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (and a boatload of workshops, books, podcasts and classes) I have learned a TON about all the photography things! Lighting, posing, body angles, editing, setup – I have you covered all the way down to posing your hands. I love meeting new clients whether it’s a brand new baby, a couple newly engaged and googly-eyed or a woman who has forgotten how to find her inner vixen – all of my sessions, and clients, are incredible and my favorite thing about my career is that no two photoshoots are the same! I strive to give the best experience and sharpen my skills. I have won multiple photography awards (I’ll show you my blue ribbons when you visit my studio!) and am on an ever-changing, twisty, unpredictable ride to become the best I can be in my photography. OK, that sounded cheesier than I meant it, but I’m a photographer, not a writer lol!

The feeling I get when my clients see their images is like my version of chocolate, or cheesecake, or… well you get the idea. It’s a high that is second-to-none for me. Seeing your reaction when you view your photos is kinda my favorite thing, or at least it ranks really high on the list!

Tell me about yourself

I want you to feel that working with me was easy, fun and that we captured photos of you that you LOVE!

Let’s set up a time to just meet and chat and see if you think we are a good fit! No pressure, just a way to get to see my studio and get to know me!

Meet the amazing Harmony Photography team

Rebecca, makeup artist

Rebecca is our makeup artist extraordinaire and the gal that makes you look incredible! Whether you have a look in mind or want her advice, she will discuss options and is an expert at delivering a fantastic look that makes you shine! Rebecca is also a photographer and often stays at shoots to assist Angie. Don’t be surprised if she sets down the makeup brush and picks up a light stand.

Find her on Instagram at @makingitup.as.igo

Kristen, hair stylist

Kristen is the hair virtuoso. She is a full-time hairdresser at the Angelo Mendi Salon in Tacoma, and we are lucky enough to have her on our dream team! She is ready, eager, and available to style clients to their desire. Kristen has been published in national magazines for her makeup and hair designs. Find her on Instagram or Facebook @KristenRayCreates

Anna, admin assistant

Anna’s superpower is keeping Angie from going crazy! Anna is the admin assistant that answers calls and emails and does most of our social media posting. She is a wordsmith, a book lover and a compassionate soul! Your first contact will likely be with Anna where she excels at making sure your questions are answered and all the ducks are in a row to start you on your journey!

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