It’s time I give a shoutout to the men!

You usually see me showing pictures of amazing women. Talking about empowerment and beauty and being comfortable with where you are in life. But it’s time I give a shout out to all the men out there!

Let me lead with the fact that I’m a happily married woman, but am also comfortable in saying that I genuinely adore men. I was raised by a ridiculous German man, my daddy (I still believe I am his princess lol).

The best work of my life has been raising my son Kyle, who I couldn’t be more proud of. Both my son and my dad are nurturers of a rare form. Even more recently I have become the Oma to two ADORABLE grandsons—there is nothing better than their wiggles and giggles!

And then there is the love of my life, my husband Jeff whose encouragement and belief in me has helped me walk forward into my calling. To be able to say that your spouse is the kindest person you’ve known is nothing short of incredible.

boudoir before photo
boudoir before photo

Men, you’re more than just a pretty headshot

Some of my best friends are men. If you’re reading this, you know who you are! The old saying that men and women cannot be friends could not be further from the truth, in my opinion.

Believing that the world is populated with more wonderful men than the news would have us believe, I want the story of your grit and achievements to be shouted from the rooftop.

Men have come into my studio saying they “just need a headshot” when actually, by the time we are done with their session, they realize that they are more than just a pretty face.

I may give ridiculous directives and maybe a wink to reinforce that you are being seen as a fellow human being that is worthy of admiration. Fear not! My husband is fully aware of the woman he married and is A-OK with the banter.

All of you amazing men are invited

You may come in for headshots or business branding photos, but I would also encourage you to explore that you are more than your job. Yes, you have all of the training and experience that we need to portray to your clients. However, you are also approachable on a human level. It is my honor and my job to let the world see that you have other facets.

It’s rare for a man to book a photoshoot that isn’t a headshot. It’s almost like you don’t feel like that’s a thing. I hereby encourage you to saunter into my studio with the attitude of Jason Mamoa or swagger of Daniel Craig in 007.

I always encourage men to flex the ideas of how they want to be photographed. Do you have aspirations to be represented as an actor? Or an athlete? Or a romantic hero from the silver screen?

Let me be the conduit that actualizes who you know you are on the inside. We all are someone’s hero. Sometimes unknowingly. Let me help you be represented in the best way, through photographs.

boudoir before photo
boudoir before photo

I invite you in for a male portrait photography experience

Let me help you be represented the way you would like to be seen.