Imagine I walk into a shoe store and someone tells me I need to have an espadrille. They may as well tell me I’m having an exotic food that I’ve never heard of for dinner. What the heck is an espadrille? (If you know bonus points for you!)

Enter… The folio box… You inquire about my products and my premiere offering is a folio box! It is my favorite way to present your portraits. If you’re reading this, you probably asked me what a folio box is. Do not feel alone! There’s a reason I’m writing this lol!

There are many ways to present your photographs and this one is rare, exclusive and luxurious!

boudoir before photo

An heirloom that’s significant and substantial

These 11”x14” boxes can hold either 10, 20 or 30 beautifully matted 7×10” prints. They come in black or white and have a velvet lining. You also have a choice of black, white or black glitter bow. You can choose for your mats to be black or white as well.

If you didn’t know what they were, I imagine your friends don’t have one—BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK (sorry my wit ran awry;) ) Your photos aren’t meant to be kept in the bottom of a drawer or on a usb drive. They are meant to be seen as a moment in time. I can tell you, having images of my parents in a folio box is one of my most treasured items.

Five ways to use your folio box:

  1. Frame them up! Each 11×14 matted print can be put into a frame and even interchanged on a rotation!
  2. Give them to loved ones! You can give one to your parents, kids, or partner.
  3. Display them on a stand – I have mine on a beautiful plate stand, I love switching them out.
  4. Create a collage of them on your wall to feature your favorite ones – this can be an amazing statement piece!
  5. Have them on a coffee table or bookshelf as a talking point. My mom goes through hers every couple of months to relive our trip to Paris 3 years ago.
boudoir before photo

Have your own portrait session made into a beautiful heirloom folio box

No matter the reason, or occasion, or emotion, you deserve to be celebrated!