From the beginning of humankind’s memories there has been the ethereal desire to take flight. As we watched the butterflies and the birds delight us, we wanted to be a part of it all. In the current trend of using wings as a photo prop, it allows us to have our imagination take us to the clouds and beyond through images. Victoria’s Secret runway show opened photographer’s and client’s eyes to the opportunity to escape the cares of the Earth for just a moment.

This human angel came to my studio for her 2nd session with me. Wanting to leave her real estate profession behind for a few hours, she allowed herself to be transformed with a juxtaposition of wearing powerful black wings and angelic white wings within mere moments of each other.

The empowerment this gave her was to realize she can be soft and strong at the same time. Sometimes these messages are better played out in a visual tangible design so that the inner transformation can take place.

When I became a photographer I realized that my purpose was more than catching a beautiful image. I saw that with my camera I had the opportunity to let people go into the facets of themselves that they had never explored. When a person comes in and is willing to “play”, it gives us the opportunity to transcend traditional portraiture.

We chatted during her inquiry about how she wanted to be photographed. Nacquata had seen on my Instagram that I had a new set of wings in my studio and said she’d love to take them for a spin! I was tickled to tell her that I was loving the black set so much that I had a white set on order! We decided to do both for her photoshoot. She had recently purchased a few dresses from Adorned in Grace (a charity dress shop that uses proceeds to combat human trafficking).  She sent a few pics to me. I knew right away they would be perfect for what we were going for. Between her wardrobe and mine we came up with an image series that accomplished what she wanted.

A Tale of Two Angels

We decided that we would do a series with each set, but have two images that would tell opposing stories. First was Mother Earth, the second relayed the tragedy and darkness that can happen in life. The story of these two photos give reconciliation to good and evil, darkness and light. This dichotomy is necessary for a life well lived. These two images were meant to bring emotion and a clear message. Strength is as beautiful as gentleness and kindness. After we had these two concepts, we progressed into poses to simply feature her beauty and the dignity with which she carries herself.

I originally met Nacquata in a business networking group ( In a room full of over 100 people in which she was present  her magnetic charm fills the room with grace and joy. I knew from the moment I met her, that I needed to have her in front of my lens. It was my privilege and honor to have her feel the same.

How do YOU want to be photographed?

Come fly with me!