Session Tracker

See the status of your photo session!

This is where you can see the status of your session with Harmony Photography! Your status will reflect the most current update of your session – some factors hold the session in a certain spot (ie: awaiting full payment). Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Once your session is fully complete and delivered, it will be removed from the tracker. Status is updated twice a week.

Session statuses go from Booked > Photoshoot Done > Importing Images > Culling > Editing Queue > Editing > Client Contacted > Order Session Booked > > Products Being Designed > Products Ordered > Products Arrived > Delivering Products



Amanda – Booked

Amy – Booked

Angela and Garrett – Booked

Anna and Jeff – Booked

Bob – Client contacted

Cassie – Products arrived

Desiree and Travis – Client contacted

Elizabeth – Booked

Emma – Ordering session booked

Erin – Booked

Fatu – Booked

Gabriella – Client contacted

Gee and Lillian – Booked

Heather – Booked

James/Julie – Delivering products

Jean – Client contacted

Jet Cities Chorus – Delivering products

Kathy – Booked

Kelly – Products being designed

Kelly T – Booked

Kieran and Sherri – Delivering products

Kim – Products being designed

Kimberly – Booked

Kimmie and Chris – Booked

Laura – Products arrived

Lori – Booked

Louisa – Editing queue

Marconi Chiropractic – Editing queue

Michelyn – Booked

Puyallup Chamber – Booked

Samantha – Products arrived

Sarah – Products being designed

Shaniah – Products arrived

Shelly – Booked

Shylo and Hovey – Booked

Sophia – Products ordered

Tabitha – Booked

Stephanie – Booked

Vanessa – Booked

Vena – Products ordered

Victoria – Culling

Wendy – Client contacted

Xavier – Booked