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We provide commercial and residential real estate photography

Beautiful photographs that sell your property

Sometimes all it takes is the perfect shot to get your house sold! We capture the beauty and uniqueness of each home so that potential buyers can visualize themselves enjoying a nice meal in the kitchen, spending time with friends and family in the backyard or relaxing in the living room. We look forward to photographing your next property. We are based out of Puyallup, WA and service mostly Pierce County, but will travel as needed.

As soon as you know a listing will be ready soon, just give us a call and we can *usually* get to a property within 48 hours (unless we are out of town). We do our best to work with you to get your listing photographed as quickly as we can so you can have shots ready for your MLS listing as soon as possible.

Your listing is important and time is money. Show your clients that you’re serious about getting their home SOLD. Receive 30+ MLS ready photos in under 24 hours.

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Five tips for prepping a home to MAXIMIZE photo potential

  1. Remove personal items from the home. These items include family photos and school art projects. The idea is that people see themselves moving into the house when they examine the images.
  2. Clear off surfaces. Whether it’s the kitchen, the bathrooms, or even the hutch in the front hall, remove those items. People like to understand the space they’re looking at, and having things on top of what they’re trying to imagine impedes the process.
  3. Have a deep cleaning. Real estate photos are very detailed, and no one wants to get hung up on a smudge or dirty baseboard. Whether self-done or professional, a deep clean of all house areas is necessary.
  4. Declutter. Whether it’s children’s toys in the living room or hobby projects in the garage, clutter stops people from seeing themselves moving in and living in the house. Packaging these items up and removing them will help the photos do their jobs.
  5. Take steps to stage the house. Model homes have neatly made beds, folded towels, straight rugs, and accent pillows galore. These models are great to imitate when preparing for the photographer’s arrival.

Planning for a real estate photo session


Give us a call to discuss your photo needs for the property you will be listing. The sooner you know when it will go live, the better. Once booked, we will send you a prep guide so you have all the tips and tricks to make this listing shine! If there are any areas or features you want to make sure are highlighted, just let us know!

The Shoot

I will show up at a decided time and have you walk through the listing with me as I photograph it. Listings can usually be photographed in around 30 minutes at the property. I like to have the agent there to move anything necessary. If the home is vacant this is a lot easier, but if it’s occupied, we may need to have the homeowner do a bit of prep work.

Choose your images

Within 24 hours of your photoshoot, you will receive 30+ MLS ready digital files. Sometimes we can get them to you the same day, depending on our current workload.

What do real estate photos cost?

Residential Properties Within Pierce County:

$195: <2000 sq.ft
$240: 2000 – 4000 sq.ft
Request quote over 4000 sq.ft

Commercial Properties Within Pierce County:

Hotels: $65 per guest room
Vacation Rentals: $250: <2500 sq. ft – request quote for over 2500 sq.ft
Other commercial properties – request quote

Other Services

$25 – Same Day Delivery
$45 – Weekend Appointments
$25 – Neighborhood Amenities
$60 – Slideshow

Contact us for a quote for travel fees for a property outside of Pierce County.

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