The Experience

My job is to make you look as good as you look in real life, if not better. When you choose me to photograph your portraits or events, you aren't paying for me to click a button. You are paying for what happens right before it! It's not so much the camera or it's settings (although, that REALLY matters too, and I have that down pat) as it is the lighting, the posing, the wardrobe, the background/backdrop, the guidance and the preparation you get before we ever start. I've taken oodles of classes and workshops and worked alongside the BEST in the industry so that you can relax, enjoy yourself and trust that I know what I'm doing. I liken it to if your friend was a photography ninja and every pic she took was amazing... Yeah... I'm that friend ;)

The Investment

So many factors go into choosing a photographer, and the investment is an important one, but make sure you take other things into consideration when choosing someone. For example, do you LOVE their photos? Do you feel like your personality is a good fit? What are their reviews like online? Are they trained? Can you picture yourselves in their work? All of these things matter. These questions can help you find the perfect photographer for you! (Hopefully that's me LOL)!

Asking how much my pricing is, is kind of like asking how much a car costs. There are so many factors! Like what kind of car? How old is it? Miles? You get my point... Photography is the same way - How long of a session do you want? Do you want prints? Digital images? Albums? Canvases? SO... this is why we do a consultation! It lets me go over all of this with you, explain how all the pricing works, help you design your one of a kind session and show examples of my work and my products. In that here are a couple basics:
Session fee - $185 Includes wardrobe and styling consultation, fully directed sitting for up to 60 minutes, unlimited wardrobe changes, individual hand editing of photos, and a viewing and ordering session.
Most Portrait clients spend around $850 on average
Wedding packages start at $1000
Most Wedding clients spend around $2800 on average
*prices shown don't include tax*

The Process

If you're still with me, it's likely something spoke to you! The best way to see if you think we are a good fit is to either schedule a consultation, or shoot me an email to Let's get a conversation started! I can answer all of your questions, calm your fears and, if you decide to work with me, start planning your session or event!

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