Hi there! I’m Angie Whitten, owner of Harmony Photography!

Here's the short and sweet of it - I'm short and sweet (LOL, and have a never-ending sense of humor). I'm a people person, an extrovert and family gal with 3 grown kids and one ADORABLE grandson, Scout. I can't begin to express the gratitude I have that I'm able to do what I LOVE for a living, giving me time to spend with family and friends. The most important thing to me is trust in relationships - I believe that when trust is present, magic happens!

As for my photography, I'm a serial student and CONSTANTLY work to hone my craft. As a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (and a boatload of workshops, books, podcasts and classes) I have learned a TON about all the photography things! Lighting, posing, body angles, editing, setup - I have you covered all the way down to posing your hands. I love meeting new clients whether it's a brand new baby, a couple newly engaged and googly-eyed or a woman who has forgotten how to find her inner vixen - all of my sessions and clients are incredible. I have won multiple photography awards (I'll show you my blue ribbons when you visit my studio!) and am on an ever-changing twisty, unpredictable ride to become the best I can be in my photography. OK, that sounded cheesier than I meant it, but I'm a photographer, not a writer lol!

The feeling I get when my clients see their images is like my version of chocolate, or cheesecake or... well you get the idea. It's a high that is second-to-none for me. Seeing your reaction when you view your photos is kinda my favorite thing, or at least it ranks really high on the list!

I want you to feel that working with me was easy, fun and got photos of you that you LOVE! Let's setup a time to just meet and chat and see if you think we are a good fit! No pressure, just a way to get to see my studio and get to know me!

Let's chat!