Isn’t she lovely?….

So when you’re a photographer and your studio partner asks if you want to come assist and tag along for a 15 year old girl’s glamour shoot – SAY YES!

I have the privilege of sharing a studio with Shay Winget of Shay Winget Photography (See her work at and I love collaborating with her! A couple of Sundays ago she asked if I wanted to come assist and shoot along side her for her client Elaina, a 15 year old beautiful young lady.

We had so much fun playing dress up, experimenting with light, and posing this lovely young lady! Glamour photography has been resurrected and the outcome is beautiful contemporary style portraits. I think Elaina will cherish these for a lifetime!

There were a few moments where her mom wondered when her little girl had grown up… She even said she wasn’t sure Elaina’s dad would like how grown up his little girl looked.

We had a great time that afternoon and I know both Elaina and her family will be so grateful they have these photos!

Thanks again to Shay for letting me come “play” on a Sunday afternoon!



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