What to Expect

Many of the women I photograph have the same insecurities most of us have. Often times, they come in not feeling like the strong, sexy women I know they truly are. That’s why I’ll always find the best way to pose you to let your beauty show and SHINE! I find the best angles from which to shoot your best features. Everyone has great features and I am an expert on capturing them!

There can be so many questions around boudoir photography and I promise I will be there to answer them all. What should I bring? I send you a lingerie guide upon booking. What if I don’t own lingerie? I have some outfits you can use. Will you post my pictures online? Only if you want me to, never without permission! What do I do with my hands? (Honestly, the most common question I get LOL) I promise I will pose you down to your hands!

You’ll find working with me to be a rewarding and transformative experience. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to bring forth the courageous, gorgeous woman I know you are. That’s why I’ve made it easy to schedule and work with me. There’s only one catch: I don’t allow any negative self-talk during these sessions! We’re all about filling you with confidence. We’ll smile, we’ll laugh, we may even cry. This is all to get us to the end goal - beautiful portraits of YOU!

Boudoir FAQs

Absolutely! They can be done either in person (preferably at my studio in Puyallup), or we can do via zoom.

I have a lingerie guide that I would be happy to send you - just email me below. I have a small wardrobe and shoes collection at my studio, but the consultation is a perfect time to discuss this.

I never ever ever share any images without a client's permission. I would say around half of my clients say I can share certain images, but it's discussed at your ordering session. You will never be pressured to share anything.

You can bring a girlfriend, but only if she's super supportive and encouraging!

I do! We can plan what look you are wanting at your consultation.

If you already have a style or examples of what you're looking for, we can work within that, or if you'd prefer, I can take the lead on that.

All sessions are different, so it really depends on what you are wanting! You can see some of my pricing on my investments page here. I cover it extensively during the consultation.

Let's chat!